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Grad Show Continued

The preview evening was fabulous! Very busy, lots of positive comments which is always much appreciated. So busy….. I haven’t as yet had a chance to really look and take in the rest of the college. Fashion and textiles are always very well presented. It’s my mission today to go and get some photos……..I will be updating!

Grad Show

AGGGH, panicking somewhat. It’s nearly here. The Grad Show! We’ve been putting up boards and slapping on paint like there’s no tomorrow. I’ve still got some pieces that need finishing and only one plinth.
Not feeling at all relaxed about it, but that’s probably a good thing right?????

All work and no play……

Hand in deadline looms……….this weekend I’ve been glued to the desk sorting through degree work ready for hand in today. I’ve missed my making time at the bench. I’ve really wanted to get a wiggle on with one particular piece, but it means I’m really looking forward to the rest of the week. There may well be some photos coming to the blog!



Received the video today on my working practice from the very lovely Simon Hughes. He managed to produce the video on a very limited time constraint and I think he’s managed fabulously. I’ve spent years avoiding cameras and find it difficult to talk about my practice but to his credit he was excellent in putting me at my ease.