Artist Statement

I am a jewellery designer maker producing wearable contemporary jewellery that combines traditional with digital processes.

Inspiration is drawn from my rural locality and is often based upon specific sites. The work focuses on change, encompassing climatic seasonal change and the cycle of life from flora, fauna and the human genome.

Every season has it’s own unique characteristics, energy, forms and structures. The unpredictable and precarious nature of life and vagaries of chance are the focus of my current collection.

The jewellery and the wearer become a method of seed dispersal celebrating the random, uncertain and haphazard nature of genetic dispersal. The chaos of life and serendipity are encompassed in the fabric of the work that both celebrates and condemns the randomness of aspects of our daily lives.

I aim to challenge the viewer to question what might flourish and what might perish with the physical and emotional landscape we live within.